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Okay, this is how we do it. [Oct. 13th, 2007|01:26 am]
Bristol Community College Writers


Since mostly everyone who's coming is here, now's a good time to explain how this whole crazy thing works.

I've locked the community so that only people I let in can join the community. Membership will be limited to people from our little elite clique, unless someone comes up with a compelling reason to allow others, but no one will be green-lit unless we know them.

I've sent out invitations so our stragglers, suzyq4238 and jeanne_bird, can formally join up. You have to be a member of the community to get in to see the good stuff, it's what keeps the whole thing private.

If you want to post a bit of writing or something that you want only us to see, when you post the entry, down at the bottom you see an option that says, "Show this entry to..." Choose "friends", and your entry can only be viewed by members of the community who are logged in.

Yes, that means you should probably log in when you come here, otherwise you won't see anything except open posts like this one.

More (hopefully) useful info, tips, and links forthcoming soon!